Personal Size-Mini Lemon Butter Bundt Cake

Personal Size-Mini Lemon Butter Bundt Cake

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No need to share... this is your own personal serving of baked goodness!

Made with the same amazing batter from our signature Lemon Butter Bundt Cake, and then we pour this decadent mix into our exquisitely designed "personal size Bundt pan! The end result is a moist and tender center cake, with a beautifully firm golden brown outer crust! A mouthwatering delight! Iced with our Homemade Lemon Velvet Glaze... this cake is both delicious in flavor and stunning in appearance! Perfect for gift giving, special events, or your own little sweet tooth that wont go away! Enjoy!

Size: Approximately 2.5"  

Servings: 1 Serving

For a warm "fresh out of the oven" feel, we recommend cutting a slice and heating it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds.